Daily Scripture: Day 214—Matthew 24

From Handbook to Scripture

READING: Matthew 24

After His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Jesus primarily addresses those who have rejected their rightful King. He predicts the downfall of the city and the dispersion of the Jewish people among the nations as well as the events associated with His second coming as Judge and Lord (21–25). The Gospel culminates in the crucifixion, the supreme act of rejection (26–27), and the resurrection, God’s supreme act of vindication and exaltation (28).

In this first part of the Olivet Discourse, Jesus anticipates the destruction of Jerusalem that would take place in AD 70, looks beyond that to speak of an unprecedented time of tribulation, and exhorts all to be ready for His second advent.


Lord, heaven and earth will pass away, but Your words will not pass away. May I heed Your words and live in readiness as I anticipate Your coming.

Meditation passage: verses 14, 21–24, 35