Daily Scripture: Day 218—Matthew 28

From Handbook to Scripture

READING: Matthew 28

This glorious account of the empty tomb, the resurrection, and the appearances of Jesus to His disciples authenticates His words and works and demonstrates that Jesus Christ is indeed the prophesied Messiah and King. The tomb had been sealed and guarded, but the angel of the Lord rolled away the stone and told the women who had come to the tomb that it was empty. They encountered the resurrected Lord on their way to tell the disciples that He had risen from the dead, and Jesus told them to have the disciples leave for Galilee, where they would see Him. The guards went to the Jewish elders and were paid to say that the disciples stole the body. When the disciples later saw Jesus in Galilee, He gave them the Great Commission to make disciples of the nations.


Lord, all authority has been given to Your Son in heaven and on earth. May I be actively involved in His Great Commission to proclaim the good news to others and help others grow in His grace.

Meditation passage: verses 18–20