Daily Scripture: Day 219—Mark 6

From Handbook to Scripture


The Gospel of Mark is the clearest and most concise of the four Gospels, and it uses a quick-paced narrative style to tell the story of the Suffering Servant who constantly engaged in others-centered ministry through healing, teaching, and preaching. This book stresses the power of servanthood and the reality of finding our life by losing it for Christ’s sake just as He gave His life for our sake. Like the other Gospels, Mark disproportionately emphasizes the final week of the earthly life of Christ, with 40 percent of its material dedicated to His last eight days.

Chapters 1–4 emphasize the words of the Son of God, while chapters 5–7 focus more on His works. In chapter 6, Jesus teaches at Nazareth, sends out the Twelve, feeds the multitude, walks on the water, and heals the sick wherever He encounters them.


Lord, You identified with us in our humanity through the humility and servanthood of the incarnation. I give thanks for this and for the way You also demonstrated Your complete authority over nature, disease, demons, and death.

Meditation passage: verses 4, 31, 34, 51–52, 56