Daily Scripture: Day 222—Luke 2

From Handbook to Scripture


Luke is the longest book not only of the four Gospels but also in the New Testament. When this Gospel is combined with Acts, it constitutes 28 percent of the New Testament. Luke is also the most historically detailed of the Gospels, and his refined literary Greek is rivaled only by Hebrews in the New Testament. His extensive vocabulary and wide range of expressions enhance this book. 

The four hymns in chapters 1 and 2 have added immensely to Christian worship (these are the Magnificat of Mary in 1:46–55, the Benedictus of Zechariah in 1:68–79, the Gloria in excelsis of the heavenly host in 2:14, and the Nunc dimittis of Simeon in 2:29–32).


Lord, I thank You for the good news of great joy in Christ the Lord, our Savior, Redeemer, Advocate, and King.

Meditation passage: verses 10–14, 29–32, 52