Daily Scripture: Day 227—Luke 18

From Handbook to Scripture

READING: Luke 18

As He continued on His final journey to Jerusalem, Jesus instructed His disciples on a number of practical matters, including covetousness, readiness, repentance, the kingdom of God, salvation, evangelism, discipleship, forgiveness, faithfulness, humility, gratitude, the second coming, prayer, and wealth. Jesus encouraged His disciples to be diligent and persistent in their prayers. He contrasted the futility of works righteousness with the need to approach God in a humble and childlike manner. And He assured His disciples that they would be disproportionately rewarded for whatever they had given up for His sake.


Lord, may I never put my trust in my own efforts to attain righteousness or view other people with contempt. I ask for a spirit of humility that looks to Your grace instead of my own achievements.

Meditation passage: verses 1, 14, 16–17, 29–30