Daily Scripture: Day 233—John 4

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 233


Our Lord always adapted Himself perfectly and graciously to the people He encountered. In John 3 He challenged Nicodemus to revisit the knowledge he should have had as a “teacher of Israel.” But in John 4 He gradually reveals His true nature to an obscure woman at a well in Samaria. Even in speaking to her, Jesus overcomes three barriers: first, the racial barrier (Jews had no dealings with Samaritans); second, the gender barrier (Jewish rabbis would not address women as Jesus did); and third, the social barrier (this woman had a poor reputation among her own people). Jesus knew everything she had done, and yet He gently and lovingly offered her the living water of eternal life.

Prayer: Lord, I give thanks that You know me through and through, and still You love me and desire intimacy with me. Give me the grace of holy desire so that I will respond eagerly to Your gracious and loving initiatives.

Meditation passage: verses 10, 13–14, 23–24