Daily Scripture: Day 235—John 8

From Handbook to Scripture


While all of the Gospels are thematic portraits, John is by far the most theological and selective. It also has the most unique material: 42 percent of Matthew, 7 percent of Mark, and 59 percent of Luke is unique to each of those Gospels, but 92 percent of John is unique to John. In his narratives, John symbolically develops the theme of how those who were exposed to Jesus’ words and works responded by either accepting or rejecting Him. Those who receive Him have eternal life (1:12; 3:16; 5:24; 10:27–29), while those who reject His offer remain under the condemnation of God (3:36; 5:25–29; 8:24). Jesus’ controversy with His opponents in John 8 illustrates this rejection and ends with their attempt to stone Him when He associates Himself with the divine I AM of the Old Testament (8:58; cf. 4:25–26; 8:24, 28; 13:19; 18:5–6, 8).


Lord, because I have entrusted myself to Jesus, You have set me free from my slavery to sin and made me Your child forever.

Meditation passage: verses 12, 24, 28, 34–36, 58