Daily Scripture: Day 250—Acts 13

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 250


Acts is a highly selective historical account, and though it is sometimes called “The Acts of the Apostles,” it is predominantly a series of important acts of Peter (1–12) and Paul (13–28). This is a transitional book that explains how the composition of the church changed from being entirely Jewish (1–7) to a body that includes Samaritans and Gentiles (8–12); by the end of the 29 years covered in this book, the majority of believers in Christ were Gentiles.

In chapters 13–28, Luke shifts his attention from Peter to Paul and gives an account of Paul’s three missionary journeys and his trials and expedition to Rome. In the first missionary journey in AD 48–49 (13:1–14:28), Paul ministers in the province of Galatia.

Prayer: Lord, I thank You for Your glorious provision of forgiveness of sins and newness of life to all who transfer their trust from their own efforts to the perfect Person and work of the Lord Jesus.

Meditation passage: verses 38–39, 48, 52