Daily Scripture: Day 251—Acts 15

From Handbook to Scripture

READING: Acts 15

After his first missionary journey, Paul and his co-laborer Barnabas returned to Syrian Antioch and reported to the church what God had done among the Gentiles. When some men from Judea argued that the Gentiles could not be saved unless they became proselytes to Judaism, Paul and Barnabas were sent to the apostles and elders in Jerusalem to resolve this crucial issue. Peter argued from his own experience that salvation is a gift of God for both Jews and Gentiles through the grace of the Lord Jesus and not through keeping the Law of Moses. James concurred, and the apostles and elders sent Paul and Barnabas along with Judas and Silas to Antioch with a letter to confirm the council’s conclusion.


Lord, I give thanks that You make no distinction between people, but make the same good news of forgiveness, cleansing, and grace available to all who turn to Jesus by faith.

Meditation passage: verses 7–11