Daily Scripture: Day 257—Acts 23

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 257


The Roman commander ordered the Sanhedrin to convene and set Paul before them to discover why he had been accused by the Jews. As a Pharisee, Paul quickly took advantage of the division between the Sadducees and the Pharisees over the issue of the resurrection from the dead, and this immediately caused a dissension between the two parties. Once again, the commander had to remove Paul to the safety of the Roman barracks. When Paul’s nephew informed the commander of a conspiracy to kill Paul, he arranged to have Paul removed to Caesarea, where his accusers could bring charges against him before Felix the governor. Felix read the commander’s letter and arranged to give Paul a hearing after the arrival of his accusers.

Prayer: Lord, I take courage in the truth that no human opposition can defeat Your good purposes. May I trust You in difficult times, knowing that You always have my ultimate good at heart.

Meditation passage: verses 6, 11