Daily Scripture: Day 258—Acts 24

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 258


Paul’s accusers arrived in Caesarea and appeared before Felix, charging that he was a ringleader of a sect and was stirring up dissension among the Jews. When the governor gave Paul an opportunity to make his defense, the apostle argued that his opponents could give no proof of the charges they were making. He focused on the hope of the resurrection of the dead, a belief that is compatible with the Hebrew Scriptures. Felix decided to wait until Lysias the commander came down to Caesarea to decide Paul’s case. For the next two years, however, Felix kept Paul in custody, allowing his friends to visit him, and often sent for him to converse with him. When Paul told the governor about faith in Christ Jesus, he came under conviction, but not to the point of repentance and faith.

Prayer: Lord, the biblical truths about righteousness, self-control, and the judgment to come can frighten hardened and powerful people, but only Your Holy Spirit can bring a person to the point of regeneration. May I rely on the power of Your Spirit in my walk and witness.

Meditation passage: verses 14–16, 25