Daily Scripture: Day 261—Acts 27

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 261


Paul and other prisoners were delivered to a Roman centurion named Julius, who made arrangements to bring them by ship to Rome. After they sailed to Lycia, Julius put his soldiers and prisoners on a ship that was bound for Italy. This portion of the trip became increasingly treacherous, and when they arrived at Crete, Paul warned them not to continue on. Hoping to make it to a suitable harbor for wintering, however, Julius decided with the majority to continue on. Their ship was soon caught in a violent storm, and when all hope of being saved was lost, Paul related an angelic message he received that he would stand before Caesar and that none of them would perish in the sea. Paul predicted that they would run aground on an island, and when this occurred, all of them were brought safely to land.

Prayer: Lord, Your word never fails, and You accomplish all the things You promise to Your saints. May I cling to You during the storms of life and hope in Your life-giving promises.

Meditation passage: verses 24–25