Daily Scripture: Day 27

From Handbook to Scripture


In this chapter, the scene shifts from the children of Israel as a whole to a specific family God would use to provide deliverance for His people in response to their cry for help. The Lord sovereignly guided the process so that Pharaoh’s daughter would raise a Hebrew child that otherwise was destined for death. She even hired Moses’ mother to nurse him, and thus Moses was aware of his true identity with the people of God.

When Moses sought to deliver his people on his own timing and terms, he failed and had to flee for his life to the land of Midian. While he was there, his people back in Egypt remembered the God of their fathers and cried out to Him to deliver them from bondage.

Prayer: Lord, I see how You prepare to save Your people even before they call upon Your name. I thank You that You are concerned with the things that concern me, and that You always desire what is best for me.

Meditation passage: verses 10, 23–25