Daily Scripture: Day 280—1 Corinthians 8

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 280


The second question Paul discusses is the problem of eating food offered to idols and the importance of doing all things to the glory of God as well as the edification of others (8:1–11:1). The apostle states that those who know that there is but one God and that idols are meaningless are at liberty to partake of food that had been offered in the pagan temples. However, he warns these Christians not to allow their liberty to become a stumbling block for those who do not have this knowledge. Knowledge by itself can make one arrogant if it is not tempered by the love of Christ that seeks to nurture other people. Thus, it is better not to exercise one’s freedom in cases where this would cause another’s conscience to be wounded.

Prayer: Lord, I acknowledge that there is but one God, the Father, from whom are all things, and I exist for Him; and one Lord, Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and I exist through Him.

Meditation passage: verses 1–3, 6