Daily Scripture: Day 284—2 Corinthians 1

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 284


Second Corinthians is an intensely personal epistle that reveals the heart of the apostle Paul, his motives for ministry, and the way he conducted himself in the service of others. His defense of the integrity of his ministry with the Corinthians in the face of attacks and wrongful allegations by false teachers gives us a model for the way we should pursue integrity, so that even if we are impugned, we will have a clear conscience before God and a faithful record before people.

Although the majority of believers in Corinth repented of their opposition to Paul’s apostolic authority, there was still an unrepentant minority, evidently led by a group of Judaizers (10–13), who continued to challenge him. Paul wrote this epistle to defend his conduct, character, and apostolic calling, and this is the primary theme that ties this letter together, even in the portion that was addressed to the repentant majority (1–9).

Prayer: Lord, You are the Father of mercies and God of all comfort. I thank You for comforting me in my affliction so that I will be able to comfort others also.

Meditation passage: verses 3–4, 21–22