Daily Scripture: Day 299—Philippians 2

From Handbook to Scripture

READING: Philippians 2

Paul exhorts his readers in Philippi to maintain a spirit of love and unity by pursuing the mind of Christ Jesus, who served others through His incarnation and death (2:1–11). The apostle calls them to cultivate this attitude (2:12–18), and he illustrates it through the sacrificial service of Timothy and Epaphroditus (2:19–30).

While Philippians contains little outright doctrinal teaching, Paul’s use of Christ’s self-emptying in 2:5–11 as a model of others-centered humility is one of the most significant passages on the person and work of Christ in the Bible. This is known as the kenosis passage, from the Greek word that speaks of the emptying that was involved in the incarnation; Christ did not empty Himself of His deity, but divested Himself of the full manifestation of His divine rights and attributes during His earthly life.


Lord, may I do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind may I regard others as more important than myself. May I have the attitude of Christ Jesus and look out for the interests of others. 

Meditation passage: verses 3–13