Daily Scripture: Day 32—Exodus 7

From Handbook to Scripture


Because of his negative experience with Pharaoh and the people of Israel, Moses needed reassurance from the Lord about His plan and purposes for His people. Moses was called to play a significant leadership role, and he needed to learn the wisdom of leaning solely on the Lord to accomplish this daunting task.

Pharaoh’s magicians were able to accomplish just enough with their enchantments that Pharaoh could rationalize the miraculous signs of Aaron’s rod and the first plague of blood as being religious chicanery. Just as the Lord had predicted, Pharaoh’s heart grew hard.

Lord, You have complete authority over heaven and earth, and nothing is too difficult for You. When I review Your mighty acts in history, it increases my confidence that You can work powerfully in my own life as well.

Meditation passage: verses 4–5