Daily Scripture: Day 331—Hebrews 8

From Handbook to Scripture

READING: Hebrews 8

The author urges his readers not to fall away, but to press on to spiritual maturity and to put their hope in God’s promises (5:11–6:20). Christ’s priesthood is superior to that of the Levites (7:1–28), and as such, He is the mediator of a better covenant than the Mosaic covenant (8:1–13).

The author of Hebrews skillfully uses a great range of Old Testament quotations and allusions to build a careful case for the finality of Christ’s priestly sacrifice. The rich doctrinal contributions of this book include its emphasis on the present priestly ministry of Christ, its development of the atonement of Christ, and its contrast between the old and new covenants and between the earthly and heavenly sanctuaries. Hebrews sheds a great deal of light on the typology of the Mosaic law and the offerings and feasts in Leviticus.


Lord, I give thanks for Jesus our high priest, who has taken His seat at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens as the mediator of the new covenant.

Meditation passage: verses 1–2, 6