Daily Scripture: Day 340—James 5

From Handbook to Scripture

READING: James 5

Those who depend on their wealth and oppress others will meet with a day of reckoning (5:1–6). Those who are suffering and oppressed must persevere in hope of the promised coming of the Lord (5:7–12). This epistle concludes with a teaching on the healing and restoration that can be accomplished through the prayer offered in faith (5:13–20).

James calls himself “a bond-servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ” (1:1) and speaks of his readers as brethren whose faith is in “our glorious Lord Jesus Christ” (2:1). While he says less than other New Testament writers about the person and work of Christ, his words are saturated with allusions to the teaching of our Lord (there are fifteen indirect references in this epistle to the Sermon on the Mount). He anticipates the Lord’s coming as the Judge in 5:7–9.


Lord, may I order my steps in accordance with Your Word and live in anticipation of the coming of the Lord Jesus. May I be a person of prayer in all circumstances.

Meditation passage: verses 8, 11, 16