Daily Scripture: Day 36—Exodus 11

From Handbook to Scripture


In spite of nine awful plagues that decimated the land of Egypt but did not touch the children of Israel, Pharaoh stubbornly refused to permit the people to depart; in his pride, he was allowing his own nation to be devastated. This time the Lord told Moses about the coming tenth plague, which would be the worst one of all. With the loss of every firstborn in the land of Egypt, including Pharaoh’s own firstborn child, Pharaoh would finally relent. By this time, Moses had attained greatness in the sight of the Egyptians as well as his own people. Before they left Egypt, the people would finally receive their “wages” for their years of servitude by receiving articles of silver and gold from the Egyptians.

Lord, You accomplish Your purposes in spite of the stubbornness of those who oppose You. All life is in Your hands; You give life and You take it away, and no one can legitimately accuse You of injustice or untruth.

Meditation passage: verse 3