Daily Scripture: Day 4—Genesis 6

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 4

READING: Genesis 6

The longevity of human life prior to the Flood turned out to be a curse that only increased human malevolence and wickedness. Because of the rampant spread of evil, God took radical measures to destroy the ungodly in order to preserve a tiny remnant of the godly. It was only in Noah and his family that righteousness was to be found, and the Lord instructed Noah to prepare for the universal destruction that He would bring upon the earth. In this way, a remnant of humanity and of animal life would be preserved through the violent waters of the flood.

Lord, I am astonished by the level of human wickedness that You endured until the Flood. I am also amazed at Your patience in my life in our current time, and I ask that by Your grace I would not allow sin and rebellion to fester and multiply in my thoughts, words, and deeds. Thank You for Your forgiveness and cleansing.

Meditation passage: verses 5–7