Daily Scripture: Day 5—Genesis 7

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 5

READING: Genesis 7

Because Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord, God instructed him in how to build a stable ark that would withstand the floodwaters for a year and preserve him and his family through this devastating judgment. Noah put his faith into practice and obediently fulfilled God’s instructions, though it cost him and his sons decades of toil and ridicule. Noah also obeyed God’s mandate to populate the ark with two each of unclean animals and seven each of clean animals and birds.

Lord, I am grateful for this account of Your obedient servant Noah, who trusted You enough to honor You and obey You even when Your instructions didn’t seem to make sense. Thank You for the way this great ark typifies the grace of Christ, who delivered us from the flood of sin and death.

Meditation passage: verses 5, 23