Daily Scripture: Year 3, Day 6

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 6

READING: Genesis 8

With the receding of the flood waters, Noah opened the window of the ark and sent out a raven and a dove. The third time he sent out the dove, the bird settled down and did not return. When the earth was dried, Noah obeyed God’s instructions to go out of the ark and to repopulate the earth with the animals and with his own descendants. In response to Noah’s burnt offerings on the altar he built, the Lord promised that He would never again destroy the earth through another catastrophic deluge. Instead, the earth would enjoy its annual seasons as long as it remains.

Prayer: Lord, I am grateful for Your servant Noah and his faithfulness to Your commandments. As a result, all of us are descended from Adam through Noah, a righteous man in his time. May I likewise exhibit Your righteousness in my generation.

Meditation passage: verses 17, 22