Daily Scripture: Day 64—Joshua 6

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 64

READING: Joshua 6

After Joshua had an encounter with the commander of the army of the Lord at the end of Joshua 5, he received the Lord’s instructions as to how to conquer the walled city of Jericho. Everything about this conquest was unorthodox, and it is significant that while the later battles under Joshua demonstrate great military tactics, this first battle had to be won solely by faith and obedience to the Lord. Thus, it would be clear from the outset that all the battles of Joshua had to be fought in the Lord’s strength and not in dependence on human skill and abilities. God honored Israel’s obedience to His apparently strange instructions, and this was one of the great moments in Israel’s history.

Lord, this account speaks to me about the whole nature of living the spiritual life. I realize how tempting it is to depend upon my own skill and abilities, when in fact I must always walk in childlike trust and obedience, looking to You for the victory.

Meditation passage: verse 27