Daily Scripture: Day 96—1 Kings 11

From Handbook to Scripture

READING: 1 Kings 11

The tragic contrast between chapters 10 and 11 could not be greater. Up until this point, Solomon demonstrated a heart for the Lord, but the seeds of his own downfall were beginning to spread as he sought to multiply horses, wives, and wealth in violation of the mandate for kings in Deuteronomy 17:14–20. Ironically, this wisest of men became a fool in his later years by succumbing to idolatry through the influence of his foreign wives. When Solomon turned his heart away from the Lord to other gods, the Lord told him that He would tear the northern kingdom away from his progeny. In addition, the Lord began to raise up foreign adversaries against Solomon, and Solomon’s servant Jeroboam also rebelled against him.

Lord, it is easy to see the seeds of destruction in the tragic story of Solomon, but I ask that You would show me those subtle forces and patterns in my own life that could lead to my own downfall if I do not cling to You and remain faithful to You.

Meditation passage: verses 4, 9–10