Daily Scripture: Day 8—Genesis 11

From Handbook to Scripture


It is remarkable that prior to the construction of the tower of Babel, there was one universal language. In violation of God’s command to multiply and populate the earth, the people sought to stay in one place rather than be “scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth” (11:4). By confusing their language, the Lord forced the people to obey His mandate and thwarted their arrogant attempt to attain greatness on their terms. With the sudden multiplicity of languages, the people were forced to populate other parts of the earth.

This chapter includes a genealogical line that traces the descendants of Shem to Abram, the key figure of the next portion of Genesis.

Lord, Your wisdom and power are great, and Your purposes stand to all generations. I am grateful that You are so sovereign that the plans of those who rebel against You actually contribute to Your plan and that Your Word gives us a long-term perspective on human history.

n passage: verse 9