A Question on Audiobooks

Question: Do you have audiobooks or podcasts? If so, where can I find them?

My audiobook 20 Compelling Evidences That God Exists released in spring 2019. You can find more info about it and listen to a sample HERE.

We’re looking forward to adding many more audiobooks and podcasts to our resources in the future. To support the creation of audiobooks and other digital media, consider a donation to Omnibus Media Ministries, which I founded to support digital media efforts like these. You can give online at https://omnibusmedia.com/give or mail your contribution to 11205 Lawyers Road, Suite K, Mint Hill, NC 28227. For more information, contact info@omnibusmedia.com.

Below is a list of other sellers/platforms where you can find audiobooks of some of my print books, as well as videos and/or audio podcasts of my teaching. Also, you can listen to any of my four local study recordings from a smartphone or other internet-connected device (these are also linked below).

Audiobooks sold elsewhere:

Other ways to listen to/watch Ken Boa teach: