A Question on Fighting Temptation

Question: I’ve heard you talk about four areas of temptation and responses to fight them; what are they?

In my book Conformed to His Image I discuss that each person has his or her own unique “flesh signature” (i.e., people are tempted in different ways and degrees). This discussion is found in Facet 10 (“Warfare Spirituality”), chapter 27 (“Warfare with the Flesh and the World”). (Print, e-book, and audiobook versions of this book are available.)

For many men, there are four especially common temptations for which I’ve devised responses, or affirmations, to summon up in the moment. These aid me, with the help of the Holy Spirit, in resisting. (These are explained in greater detail in the above-mentioned chapter.)

  • Temptation to Anger — Gratitude (I cannot be angry and grateful at the same time)
  • Temptation to Seek Revenge — Grace (I was given grace, not justice)
  • Sexual Temptation — Glory (of the maker and the image-bearer)
  • Temptation to Covet — Goodness (God has given me what He knows I need)

Download a printable card of these “four G’s” here.

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