The Spiritual Life: The Risks and Rewards of Relationships

This entry is part 42 of 44 in the series Being, Knowing, and Doing

There are risks and rewards to every relationship. One of the most common risks is to let human relationships define us rather than God. We focus on ourselves, engaging in a “one-upmanship” to better our self-esteem. But this is not the proper role for relationships. God is the one who defines us. Yes, He is all about relationships, but we must love Him above all others. Out of this love we can serve others. Otherwise, we run the risk of sowing relationships that are fruitless and unedifying. But in serving others out of Christlike love in our relationships, we can glorify God and point others to Him.

This teaching is part of a subseries on the spiritual life and is part 42 of the larger series, “Being, Knowing & Doing: How Godly Principles Strategically Affect Men’s Everyday Lives.”

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