Morning Affirmations 2

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It is important that we set our minds every morning on the things above. In this way, we can orient our day around the truths of God rather than the things of this world.

Here are two areas to meditate on as you seek to do this.

1. Your identity in Christ

Go to Scripture each morning and answer the question, “Who am I in this world?”

There’s a strange unease in not having a sense of identity. But the problem is that we derive our identity from all the wrong places. We derive it from the kinds of things the world tells us to pursue—possessions, pleasure, prestige, popularity, promotion, power, performance.

These are the kinds of things people have given their lives in exchange for. But none of them define us for who we truly are. We need something richer and more profound. We need love, joy, and peace. Such things we can only find by placing our identity in Jesus Christ.

2. The filling of the Spirit

What role does the filling of the Spirit play in your life?

As followers of Jesus, we should invite the Holy Spirit to fill and sanctify us daily. Abiding in Christ, walking in the Spirit, and setting your mind on the things above is an ongoing process. Therefore, ask the Spirit each morning to take control of all that you do.

This teaching comes from Ken Boa’s Spiritual Renewal Card Collection, a tool for enhancing your spiritual life and devotional times. See also Ken’s Morning Affirmation List.

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