Choosing a Life of Wisdom

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True wisdom involves treating things according to their true value.

Hold the temporal with a loose grip; it is fleeting. But hold tightly to the eternal, for only it will last. Too many people focus on on the temporal because they can quantify it, pushing aside the eternal and saying, “I’ll deal with that later.”

This mindset will only lead us to ruin. There will come a time when we see only the grave ahead of us and wonder if we wasted too much of our life focusing on the wrong things. We can counteract that now, however, by living each day, each year, as if it were our last.

Choosing a Life of Wisdom

Keeping an eternal perspective is essential in a constantly changing world. Consider how much the world changed in 2020 alone in so many unexpected ways. And before that, advances in technology radically changed the way the world operated. It takes wisdom to navigate these changes, especially as culture values the eternal less and less.

We are living in the last days (1 John 2:18). Because of this, we need to be all the more intentional about absorbing the truth of Scripture, becoming people of the Word and of prayer.

We have a choice in how we live. If we do nothing, the world will shape us. But if we actively train up in the Word through the power of the Holy Spirit, we will be prepared for whatever comes our way.

The first 21 minutes of this video review the previous series, Nine Marks of a Disciple. Missed a video? The archives are available here.

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