Lessons from Creation

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How can you integrate general and special revelation?

God created every person in His image. Not only that, but there is evidence of God all around us, and so all are without excuse (see Romans 1:20). What we see in creation ought to drive us to want to know God more, leading us to God’s Inspired Word—Scripture. This Inspired Word points us to the Incarnate Word, Jesus Christ. Not only that, but we also have God’s Indwelling Word, the Holy Spirit.

Studying creation can and should amplify our worship of God. The more we meditate on what we see, the more we ought to glorify our invisible God, knowing that He has created these things to His praise.

Lessons from Creation

Whatever beauty we see, we ought to thank God for it. This is living doxologically—praising God for everything He has given to us. From the most ordinary to the most extraordinary creature, God has created a beautiful variety that points to His glory.

There is no evolutionary purpose for this variety. It is far too complex to have evolved on its own, and the beauty we see has no reason for existence if we think only in terms of natural selection. Instead, what we see in creation is God’s majesty on display, and so we must learn to look beyond what is visible to our invisible God.

Note of Caution: The videos shown in Ken’s teaching come from sources that do not necessarily hold a biblical worldview; by using them, we are not endorsing the ideas or viewpoints they might espouse.

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