Morning Affirmations 3

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Ken Boa discusses two more essential aspects of our identity as followers of Christ. Affirm these each morning in order to renew your heart and mind.

The Fruit of the Spirit

We are a new creation in Christ. Nevertheless, the old power of sin still wages war against the Spirit within us. We are in a soul-forming process by which the Spirit puts to death in us the deeds of the flesh. It is vital, therefore, that we remind ourselves who we are as fruit-bearers in the Spirit (Galatians 5:22–23).

The Purpose of My Life

Our ultimate purpose as followers of Jesus is to love God completely, ourselves correctly, and others compassionately.

This involves at least three aspects that we should meditate on frequently:

  1. We must give our undivided love to God (Matthew 22:37). This is the foundation for our purpose in Christ.
  2. We are disciple makers (Matthew 28:19–20). God gives every Christ-follower the ministry of making disciples.
  3. We ought to bear fruit, because bearing fruit is the key to glorifying God (John 15:8). Further, the key to bearing fruit is abiding in Christ, and the key to abiding in Christ is obedience to Him.

This teaching comes from Ken Boa’s Spiritual Renewal Card Set, a tool for enhancing your spiritual life and devotional times. See also Ken’s Morning Affirmation List.

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