Morning Affirmations 6

The Coming of Christ and Our Future with Him (see all Morning Affirmations)

Do you have doubts about what your future holds, either in this life or the next? God calms our doubts by revealing His plan for this world and how we fit into that plan.

A Kingdom Perspective

God reveals  that this life is about His name and kingdom, not our own (Matthew 6:10). This is the kingdom that Christ has already brought in part and will fully bring to us when He returns. In order to grasp the significance of this truth, we need to recognize two things:

  1. Control is in God’s hands, not ours.
  2. God has our best interests at heart.

When we understand this, it frees us to be unconcerned about our own reputation, instead simply seeking to please Him.

The Glory that Awaits

God also calms our doubts by giving us a perspective based on the unimaginable glory that awaits us on the other side of this earthbound sojourn (Romans 8:18). Even the worst suffering we experience now is “light and momentary” compared to the weight of glory that Christ will bring us at His second coming (2 Corinthians 4:16–18).

A Holy Citizenship

Finally, our citizenship in heaven is what defines us, not our citizenship on earth (Philippians 3:20). We should always have a holy desire and longing for Christ’s return, because that is where we belong. The sins and failures of our past and present do not bind us. Instead, we can trust God to redeem what He allows and to use all our present circumstances to prepare us for our true home in His presence.

This teaching comes from Ken Boa’s Spiritual Renewal Card Set, a tool for enhancing your spiritual life and devotional times.

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