Frank Viola’s Top 100 List Now Features Life in the Presence of God

Post Date: January 15, 2018

Author, blogger, and speaker Frank Viola recently added Life in the Presence of God to his list of “The Best 100 Christian Books Ever Written.” I was honored to then interview with him about some thought-provoking questions and topics that my book tends to raise.

Read Part 1 here, which covers:

  • What it’s like to feel or experience God’s presence
  • My thoughts for those who sense or feel “nothing” when seeking an awareness of God
  • The difference in Christian meditation and meditation or mindfulness as practiced among nonbelievers
  • My response to those who “strongly object to anything mystical”
  • Some of my own current practices for practicing God’s presence

Part 2 is here and covers:

  • Where in Scripture (Jesus’ life and the rest of the Bible) we find “practicing God’s presence”
  • My counsel specifically to young people
  • How we can explain the benefit non-believers receive from meditation
  • Connection of this book to my prequel, Rewriting Your Broken Story, as well as a sneak peek into my next book

Purchase Life in the Presence of God and download its companion training guide. Then be sure to let others know what you thought about the book by writing an Amazon review. 

Image: Screen shot of Frank Viola’s “Deeper Journey” blog featuring Ken’s interviews.