“Shaped by Suffering” Wins IVP Readers’ Choice Award

February 15, 2020

Ken Boa and Jenny Abel’s book Shaped by Suffering: How Temporary Hardships Prepare Us for Our Eternal Home (IVP, 2020) has been chosen as one of the two winners of InterVarsity Press’s 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards in the main IVP books category. This is the second of Ken Boa’s books that has won an IVP Readers’ Choice Award. Life in the Presence of God: Practices for Living in Light of Eternity (IVP, 2017), which is in the same Eternal Perspective series as Shaped by Suffering, won one of the awards in 2018.

IVP reported that more than 3,000 readers cast votes for the 2020 awards. Read the full announcement from IVP here (including info on a sale on the winning books through the end of March 2021).

Many thanks to each of our readers who took the time to nominate the book (making it a finalist) and then to cast a vote to make it a winner!

Don’t miss both our video and article series based on Shaped by Suffering. These powerful testimonies embody the message of the book, showing how God has used adversity in everyday people’s lives for his good purposes:

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In story after story of believers past and present, we see God’s grace transmuting the lead of suffering into the gold of glory so his followers become his magnum opuses—his great works, whose quality of character can only be explained one way: by God’s power and grace. Our Lord will go through unending effort and diligence to recommence this work of transforming a fallen sinner into a saint who reflects his own glory and beauty. In this process he leads us to Christ himself ...

Shaped by Suffering (p. 29)

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