2 Peter: Resources for Righteousness

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Where do you find truth?

Second Peter reminds us that we need to be marinated in the Word of God in order to have discernment. We must know the real thing in order to detect counterfeits.

One indicator of whether or not we are living in the truth is where we find our authority.

Some of us look to tradition to tell us what is correct. However, tradition is fallible. We ought instead to look to the Word of God—with that as our guide, we will be able to grow in Christian virtue and in the knowledge of God.

Second Peter reminds us that the truth of the Word of God ought to grow our faith. Because we have received the righteousness of our God and Savior and a new nature in Him, our lives should bear fruit. Our head knowledge must be connected with our hearts. This is because God provides all the resources for righteousness that we need and is transforming us. Our union with Christ brings us to spiritual maturity as we grow in the faith.

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