2 Peter: Walking Wisely in an Unwise World

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How should followers of Jesus live in a world that is opposed to Him?

That is the question that both 1 and 2 Peter answer in different ways. In his first letter, the apostle Peter dealt with the external opposition to Christ’s church that comes from the hostility of persecutors.

The answer to unjust suffering is to recognize that we are sojourners in this world. Our true home is not in this life but in the heavenly places with Christ at the right hand of the Father. So, when we suffer, we should not be surprised but rather count it a privilege to share in Christ’s suffering.

Now, in his second letter, Peter deals with the internal opposition to Christ’s church that comes from the heresy of false teachers.

The proper response to this danger of false teaching is to grow up into maturity in Christ. Therefore, Peter encourages us to keep close watch on our personal lives. Like Jesus, Peter warns that false teachers will be known by their fruit. The sensual lives they lead show they do not really take the teachings of Jesus to heart. The best way, then, to avoid the dangers of false teaching is to grow in an experiential knowledge of Jesus. When we increase in godliness, blamelessness, and steadfastness, we demonstrate by the fruit of our lives that we belong to Christ.

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