Need a teaching/learning tool on the complete New Testament to improve your biblical literacy or to teach to others? The “Talk Thru the Bible” series was designed to help pastors, teachers, and small group leaders learn or teach any book of the Bible in an easy way. Included are 8 DVDs containing a package of 33 overviews with high-quality visual presentation tools that you can use to teach just about any audience. Includes an “Overview of the Bible”, and “How to Study the Bible.” Verbally or visually present an overview of the book using the included tools: a complete PowerPoint PC or Mac Keynote presentation, an MP3 audio file of Dr. Boa presenting the overview, the actual Word document script that Dr. Boa used to present the overview, plus a movie file of the animated PowerPoint/Keynote presentation given by Dr. Boa. Each 30-60 minute PowerPoint and Mac Keynote overview presentation consists of 10 major sections: Introduction and Title; Author; Date and Setting; Survey; Theme and Purpose; Keys to the specific book; Contribution to the Bible; Christ in the book; and Personal Applications of key principles in the book. This set of 8 DVDs are Mac & PC compatible.

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