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  • Simple Prayers for Graduates


    This appealing graduation gift book incorporates helpful prayers adapted from biblical truths that are especially appropriate for those who are at a transition point in life.

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  • The Trinity: A Journal


    This devotional tool guides you through the four-step process of reading, meditation, prayer, and contemplation of ninety Scripture texts that will give you a deeper knowledge of each of the Persons of the Trinity.

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  • Think on These Things: Living with an Eternal Perspective


    God set eternity in the hearts of people (Ecclesiastes 3:11), but we’re often distracted from this yearning by a busy and loud world. Reorient yourself around the things that are important to God—the eternal things—with this 40-page booklet. An aid rather than a magic wand, its Scripture-based tools and truths will help you live with an eternal perspective.

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  • Conformed to His Image Study Guide


    Intended for use alongside the Conformed to His Image Video Study, the Conformed to His Image Study Guide is an invaluable tool for individuals or groups to explore what it means to know Christ and conform to His image.

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  • Conformed to His Image, Revised Edition


    Conformed to His Image, Revised Edition offers a comprehensive, balanced, and applicable approach to what it really means to know Christ by presenting a variety of facets to the spiritual life and showing how each of these facets can contribute to the dynamic process of spiritual growth.

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  • A Journal of Sacred Readings (Spiral-bound)


    This one-year resource will enrich your encounters with Scripture by guiding you through the four-step process of Read, Reflect, Respond, and Rest.

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  • Jesus in His Own Words: A Layman’s Perspective


    Jesus in His Own Words: A Layman’s Perspective paints a portrait of the central figure in human history, Jesus Christ, using his own words. It seeks to convince the reader that our decision about the person and message of Jesus is the single most important decision we will ever make.

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  • Once-a-Day 25 Days of Advent Devotional


    November only: Get this resource free with purchase of Rewriting your Broken Story.

    This Once-A-Day Christmastime devotional booklet takes you from December 1 to 25 with thoughts on the person of Jesus: His involvement at the creation of the world, His life in the Gospel accounts, and who He is today.

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  • Handbook to Prayer: Praying Scripture Back to God (Genuine Leather)


    This prayer tool will guide you through the process of praying Scripture back to God.

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  • Leadership in the Image of God: A Top-Down Vision of Biblical Leadership


    Based on a teaching series on leadership, the three parts of this book concern the personal development, skill development, and relational development of a leader. Every chapter focuses on a top-down biblical perspective on leadership.
    Ken Boa Leadership Image of God 1
    420 pages.

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  • Think on These Things: Discerning the Will of God


    How can I discover what God wants me to do with my life? All followers of Jesus ask this question, often in the context of a major life decision or event. If we seek God’s will as a way of life, however, the big decisions get easier. In addition to basic guidance, this 32-page booklet offers practical tips for and pitfalls in discerning God’s will.

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