Corporate Spirituality: Part 1—Introduction

Ken Boa launches a new series on “Corporate Spirituality,” focused on our growth in faith in the context of community. Based on Facet 12 in his best-selling book on spiritual formation, Conformed to His Image, this study will cover the need for community, challenges and creators of community, the nature and purpose of the church, soul care, servant leadership, accountability, and renewal.

The basis for this facet of our spiritual lives is the Great Commandments: to love God and love one another. We are relational beings, reflecting the very character of God Himself, and we thrive best in community. In a time of epidemic loneliness and busyness, we’ll explore how we can pursue relationships and community in a biblical way. This pursuit begins with security in our own identity in Christ, which allows us to serve without manipulating or people-pleasing, and without expecting anything in return.

Ken teaches this study live each Monday night; info on study location and time is here

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