Spirit-Filled Spirituality Part 10: The Nature and Purpose of Spiritual Gifts V

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How do you discover your spiritual gifts? In this process, it is essential to trust in the Father, abide in the Son, and walk by the Spirit. If we are not walking in a right relationship with God, then the spiritual gifts of the Spirit will not be manifest in our lives. After all, the gifts of the Spirit are only active in the lives of believers. These gifts work in conjunction with the fruit of the Spirit. We need to be attuned to the Spirit in the midst of this process. The best way to do so is to pursue intimacy with Jesus Christ. We must train ourselves up to delight in what delights Him and to desire what He desires. In doing so, we will be in tune with God’s promptings in our lives.

This is the 10th part of Ken’s Spirit-Filled Spirituality study, based on content in chapter 25 of his book Conformed to His Image.

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