Spirit-Filled Spirituality Part 5: Spirit Baptism, Inward & Outward Fillings

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There has been much confusion over what is often called “Spirit-baptism.” Many believers use this term to refer to the Holy Spirit filling believers at conversion. But others use it in reference to post-conversion experiences. This confusion comes partly because the manifestations of the Spirit are manifold. In order to understand this term, we must look to the New Testament. Here, we see that the Spirit fills every believer at the time of conversion. This is the New Covenant ministry of baptizing, indwelling, and sealing. Because of this, it can be misleading to use the word “baptism” for post-conversion experiences of the Spirit. Instead, we should associate these experiences with God’s works of renewal in the lives of believers.

This is the 5th part of Ken’s Spirit-Filled Spirituality study, based on content in chapter 24 of his book Conformed to His Image.

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