The 52 Greatest Stories of the Bible (Story #22): Reformation

Josiah became king of Judah at age eight. Despite his lineage and his age, he knew things weren’t right in the land and so he instigated myriad changes. When a copy of God’s Word was discovered during the Temple remodeling, he ordered it read to him, and then ordered everyone to repent. But the reformation was short-lived. As soon as Josiah died, the people went back to their old ways.

In this teaching, Ken provides helpful background to the surrounding context of Josiah’s kingship and emphasizes the need for us, too, to examine our hearts, as well as our actions and thoughts, so that we do not turn away from the living God.

Focus texts:

This series is based on Ken’s coauthored book (with John Alan Turner), The 52 Greatest Stories of the Bible. Purchase here.

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