The Voyage of Life: Our Eternal Home

This entry is part 4 of 10 in the series The Voyage of Life

Our time on this earth is short.

That makes it all the more important that we spend time reflecting on our life journey. We often avoid doing so, fearing what that reflection might bring. After all, many of our memories are filled with grief and pain and sorrow that comes from hope deferred and dreams lost.

But because our days pass quickly, we must reflect on our past to prepare from our future. When we do this well, we will be filled with longing not for our past, but for our eternal home.

One day, we will stand in the presence of the glory of God, for He has overcome death. All losses are restored, and all sorrows end when we are with Him.

Watch part 4 of a teaching series based on Thomas Cole’s Voyage of Life. These four paintings depict the cyclical dynamics of human life, as signified by the artwork’s titles: ChildhoodYouthManhood, and Old Age. You can view these paintings in person at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

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