The Theology of Wisdom

In one sense, the Bodhi tree is to Buddhists what the cross is to Christians, representing the core of each religion. But the difference is stark: the Bodhi tree is where Buddha supposedly attained enlightenment, whereas the cross represents God reaching down to us when we had no way of reaching Him.

Christianity is unique in its teaching that true wisdom comes from God alone—it is a gift from Him.

The Wisdom of the Creator

By His wisdom, God created, shaped, and populated the macrocosm. Not only that, He transformed matter into life—with all our knowledge, we cannot even create a functioning protein, but our God created every living being.

Even though we sojourn in a fallen world, God has immersed us in exquisite design and intricate beauty. This created order should remind us that God can take any chaos and transform it into order—even our own unruliness. The One who spoke, “Let there be light,” in the beginning is the same One who brings light into our lives. He transforms us so we reveal the beauty of Christ through the prism of our personality.

Where Does Wisdom Come From?

Wisdom is more than pithy statements. Proverbs teaches us that wisdom relates to the boundless Wellspring of wisdom, the One from whom all that is good, true, and beautiful springs forth. We do not invent wisdom from something inside of ourselves; instead, wisdom comes from having an intimate relationship with the One who is the source of all wisdom.

Walking in Wisdom

There are different types of wisdom. One is the wisdom of the world, which is crafty and conniving. The other is heavenly wisdom, coming down from above. The first type of wisdom leads to disorder and deception, but the second leads to peace and righteousness.

As we trust in the Father, abide in Son, and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, we learn true wisdom, which results in the fruit of the Spirit.

Ultimately, true wisdom is a gift from God. We cannot obtain it through our own endeavors; only He can provide it for us. And as He does so, we become more and more conformed to His image, bearing the aroma of Christ.

The Theology of Wisdom