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Nov. 2018 Reflections Teaching Letter

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Daily Growth

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 322


Paul predicts a time of increasing arrogance, rebelliousness, and vulnerability to spiritual deception (3:1–9), and he warns Timothy that he can expect that persecution for the sake of following Christ will increase (3:10–13). He reminds Timothy to stay strong in Scripture and to use it effectively in this spiritual combat (3:14–17).

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Reflections Ministries was established in 1995 to elevate and illuminate what are now Ken Boa’s reflections of a lifetime. Today, Reflections Ministries is the context through which Ken animates the many facets of his ministry … a ministry of relational evangelism and discipleship, teaching, writing, mentoring, and speaking.

Our mission remains clear: To develop and disseminate excellent biblically based resources that enhance the mind and the heart and that are transferable to others … and to reach the largest possible audience, through multiple resources, on a consistent basis.

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Reflections Teaching Letter

Reflections Teaching Letter

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