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These are the last recorded statements of Jesus Christ before His death on the cross. Father, forgive them; for they do not

The Ocean of Eternity

Mortality and the purpose of life are prominent themes in Thomas Cole’s paintings. Through his paintings, he vividly brings out the human

In the article below, Dr. Boa synthesizes material from several teaching sessions from his series Biblical Principles for Marriage and from portions of his spiritual formation text Conformed to His Image (primarily from chapter 18, "Holistic Spirituality"). Dr. Boa focuses on agape love as one of the five forms of loves (based on the different Greek words). After reviewing all forms, he gives reasons for why agape is the greatest.

Church Leadership

by Dr. Ken Boa Some of us come to understand God’s purpose for us when we’re older, others when we’re younger; some

by Dr. Ken Boa The Process of Finding Your Purpose Our God-given calling (vocation) can be defined as our unchanging reason for

“Doubt everything, find your own light.” These are the last words of the Buddha.  It sounds like good advice, but then the

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Explore the riches of the Christian life and what it means to be a disciple in today’s world with Dr. Ken Boa and Stuart McAllister on the Reflections Podcast.

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