Author: Glenn Sunshine

Death at Christmas

Hope in the Face of Darkness Back in 2012, a friend of mine who was a pastor in Hartford, Connecticut, asked me to preach at his church. I was preparing to go on a five-week mission trip to Asia, and this would give his congregation a chance to

Does Christmas have Pagan roots?

Is it true the celebration of Christmas has pagan origins? What about the various traditions and symbols associated with Christmas such as Christmas trees and Yule logs? Historical investigation decidedly answers the question. No, Christmas is not pagan.

Image of "The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth" (1914) By Jennie A. Brownscombe

A Thanksgiving Precedent: What Really Happened in Plymouth?

As with so many of our national holidays, Thanksgiving is now a contentious subject. Formerly a time of celebration and gratitude, many critics today maintain that it stands as little more than an emblem of our nation’s racist past. But is this an accurate reading of the first Thanksgiving? What actually transpired at Plymouth in the fall of 1621? In this article, Dr. Glenn Sunshine helps to restore a proper historical perspective on Thanksgiving.

An image of a cemetery outside a church on the feast of All Hallows

The Origins of Halloween and Allhallowtide

Halloween is often a divisive holiday among Christians, some celebrating it and others not. Where did Halloween come from? Is it a Christian or pagan holiday?

Nations: A Biblical Concept

Even as Christians, we find ourselves often thrust into debate concerning concepts like globalism and nationalism. Are nations biblical? How should we think about nationalism, in general, or Christian nationalism, in particular?