Time: Part 1—The Mystery of Time

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Adapted from a chapter in Ken Boa’s book “God, I Don’t Understand,” this series will explore how the Bible views time, including the relationship between God and time and between humans and time. Part 1 gives an overview of the mystery surrounding time, emphasizing the limits of the human perspective and the evidence that there is more to time than we often consider.

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The 52 Greatest Stories of the Bible (Story #4): Birth of a Nation (Exodus 1–14)

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The exodus of the Israelites out of Egypt and into the Promised Land was as much about the process as it was about the outcome; the same can be said of our life journeys, because God is not just taking us somewhere, but He’s making us someone in the process: a people for His own possession, for His own glory.

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365 Key Chapters of the Bible: Genesis 8

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Ken Boa teaches on Genesis 8, the beginning of the post-Flood world, in which Noah is commanded to repopulate the earth and, as a part of His mission of deliverance and redemption, God makes a promise never to destroy the earth again with a catastrophic deluge.

This is part of the ongoing 365 Key Chapters of the Bible series based on Handbook to Scripture. 

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